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Christopher Salter
Christopher Salter is a media artist, performance director and composer/sound designer based in Montreal, Canada and Berlin, Germany. His artistic and research interests revolve around the development and production of real time,

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Randall Packer 15.03.2018
For the opening keynote at the upcoming Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium (March 29-31), performance scholar Maria Chatzichristodoulou will take us on a historic journey through seminal online performance works. As she critiques the promise of internationalism as expressed through the work of networked artists, I expect her probing analysis will stir up interesting debate at our online Symposium. I invite you to read my post about Maria's research, which discusses her essays about featured Symposium artists Annie Abrahams and Matt Adams of Blast Theory.
Marc Garrett 14.03.2018
BEYOND PROPRIETORIAL new narrative practices in digital humanities. Presentations by Christy Hyman & Marc Garrett. Central Saint Martins 6:00pm Tues 20 Mar | Christy Hyman - Mapping the Great Dismal Swamp: The Co-Articulation of Sound, Moving Images and Archival Materials . Marc Garrett - Unlocking Proprietorial Systems and Reclaiming Narrative Strategies for Artistic Practice.
Allegra Solitue 14.03.2018
In Berlin, Tonight: The machine learning model is not a static piece of code—it requires feeding, training and updating, to the point that it sometimes resembles a living entity, one we are not familiar with. Following the law of accelerating returns, technological systems puzzle us like nature once did. Join this interactive happening tonight, puzzle along!
Matthias Zimmermann 13.03.2018
Eine Buchempfehlung: DIGITALE MODERNE, Hirmer Verlag Ein Band über die Ästhetik unserer digitalen modernen Welt sowie deren Anwendung und Reflexion in der Kunst. Herausgegeben von Medienwissenschaftlerin Prof. Dr. Natascha Adamowsky.
Vinzenz Hediger 12.03.2018
Five PhD scholarships on questions of Witnessing at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in film / media / theater studies, cultural anthropology. Deadline April 13.
Ivana Pinna 12.03.2018
CALL FOR PARTICIPATION Art Residency - Exhibition - Symposium JUNE 2018 - Sardinia Art Residency program for artists, filmmakers, curators, researchers, performers, dancers, writers and who is interested in transidsciplinary approaches. Peer-to-peer learning methodology, cross-sector collaboration and process-based model. Organized by BecomeBecome come and IVYnode with the support of Fondazione Stazione dell'arte Ulassai (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Sardinian local Governement of Nurri and Ulassai ROLLING ADMISSIONS - Apply Early DEADLINE: 21 April All info available here -
Natalia Fuchs 11.03.2018
Dear All, I'm now Advisor for Barbican Centre in London where we work on the exhibition dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. An exhibition will be launched in 2019 and will be touring internationally. Please if you work with AI, let me know and lets keep in touch! PM
Joseph Nechvatal 09.03.2018
A quick glimpse of Nicolas Schöffer's “Le Prisme” (The Prism, 1965) in Nicolas Schöffer Retroprospective at Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary and Outsider Art #LaM in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France till May 20, 2018 #NicolasSchöffer
Marc Garrett 10.03.2018
"It is quite something to discover, a quarter of a century too late, that your old PhD supervisor is satan. I was a 24-year-old research student at Warwick when I met Nick Land. He was just four years older and brilliant, if remarkably immature even by my twenty-something standards. He disappeared around the turn of the century, landing in Shanghai, and I heard nothing more of him for years. I never expected him to resurface as one of a select group of bloggers who informs the worldview of Steve Bannon—profiled in this month’s Prospect—and the direction of the Donald Trump White House."
Laura Beloff 09.03.2018
PHD_COURSE: Sign Up by 15th March!! It also opens up also possibility to still participate in the POM-conference. 
The PhD course contributes to and takes place prior to and after the international conference “Politics of the Machine: Art and After” (May 15-17 2018 in Copenhagen). The attendees participate in a workshop where they will generate mandatory online and offline outputs related to the conference theme. The conference is centered on questions about how machines impact and contextualise artistic production and perception and in doing so welcomes submissions that take an innovative approach to the politics of the machine. Likewise, this workshop aims to engage research in a broad sense of the word and thus invites artistic and practice-based as well as theoretical and historical approaches to the subject. The course will take place at the CATCH space at the CLICK festival, Hal 16, 3000 Elsinore. The practice-base results from the workshop will be exhibited in the Catch project space during the Click Festival.
Claus Collab 08.03.2018
Herzliche Einladung zu Performance und Gespräch mit Roland Schappert über die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung in den Künsten am 15.03. um 19.00 Uhr im CLB:
Barbara Flueck-Iger 08.03.2018
Socialist ideology and consumer culture?
Volker Kuchelmeister 08.03.2018
Postdoctoral Fellow in Immersive Visualisation (Art & Design, UNSW Sydney) Job 61457 AU$91K-$98K per annum plus 17% Superannuation and annual leave loading Fixed Term for 3 years (with potential for renewal for two further years) Applications close: 22 March 2018
Stacy Jerger 08.03.2018
One week left to apply! A collaboration between Leonardo/ISAST and Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Scientific Delirium Madness is an artist/scientist residency that brings together artists and scientists for a monthlong retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. During the course of the residency, artists working in a variety of media work closely with scientists working in various disciplines to explore and transform the boundaries of art and science. SDM residents are featured the following year in Leonardo journal. Deadline: 15 March 2018! Apply:
Ca Ph Ho 07.03.2018
Ca Ph Ho 07.03.2018
Mehmet Can Özer 07.03.2018